Plastic Welding

Plastic Restoration with Welder

Our Mini-Weld Model 5600HT plastic welder is ideal to make quality repairs on practically all car plastics. It allows you to mould plastic and obtain the longest lasting results with no complications. The Model features a custom-molded plastic case for greater durability and ease of use.

This is the latest edition of the the most popular plastic welder in the industry.

Repair any type of plastic: Polyurethane (PUR, RIM), Polypropoylene (PP), ABS, Polyethylene (PE), TPO, TEO, TPE, Nylon (PE), Polycarbonate (PC), Uni-Weld FiberFlex.


  • Repair virtually any type of automotive plastic. "Problem plastics" like TPO and polypropylene are easy to repair with the revolutionary Uni-Weld Fiber-Flex universal repair rod.
  • Includes seven types of standard plastic welding rod for repairing bumpers, underhood and interior plastic radiator tanks, ATV fenders, water storage bottles, batteries, consoles, arm rest supports and more!
  • Higher welding temperatures and faster welding provided by 80 watt welding element.


A  power source is all that's required to weld almost any type of automotive plastic.

Uni-Weld FiberFlex feathers on TPO bumpers every time!

Have you ever repaired a bumper with a two-part adhesive and had the featheredge roll up when you went to sand it? You'll never have that problem with Uni-Weld Fiber Flex! The revolutionary FiberFlex is a universal rod that sticks to any kind of plastic. It sticks especially well to TPO, TEO, PP and other "problem plastics". You won't have to hassle with adhesion promoters. Just grind, weld and sand to a fine featheredge right away!

Knock out those repairs quickly...No waiting for it to cure!

With two-part repair materials, you have to wait at least 20 minutes and sometimes overnight before you can start sanding. With Urethane Supply's welding system, you can cool off your weld with water and sand immediately, significantly reducing the time to turn a out a job.

Repair radiators and underhood plastics easily.

The Mini-Weld Model 5 Airless Plastic Welder allows you to do repair jobs that are impossible with any other system. Cracked raiator tanks, headlight buckets, washer bottles, fan shrouds, battery cases and many other underhood plastics are very easily and quickly repaired with the welder. Interior plastics like dashboards, consoles and arm rest supports are also easily repaired. Also great for ATV, RV, heavy truck, farm equipment and industrial repair.